The Embraceable Brand

Cheryl Ferrebee

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A brand that consistently inspires faithful affection and long-term inclusion in the hearts, minds and lives of targeted consumers.

“This domain is available.”

Amazing. An idea resulting from a quarter century in the marketing and advertising industry (including a dozen years as an agency owner) is apparently unexplored.  Imagine. The concept of brand affection, a contemplation entertained during thousands of solitary miles on the road and in the air might actually have possibilities!

Since the information technology revolution, few stones are unturned on the banks of the frantic waters of our industry. Experts by the thousands with blogs, tweets, posts, books, and endless acronyms rain ideas and advice electronically to millions.

But isn’t that precisely the problem?

For every small and mid-sized business and organization, there’s endless information.  But there is precious little personalization. In a world where APPs and virtual guides show us the way, we forget that on either end of any marketing tactic are people.  Human beings who innately crave relationships with other humans.

I believe that helping businesses and organizations build brands that exude qualities that make them embraceable is worthy work.

So I returned my gaze to my iPad and the glowing message from the domain gods at, and were both available. Click. Click.